About Fox Microblading & PMU Academy

Find out why Fox Microblading & PMU Academy is the best choice for Microblading and Permanent Makeup Training in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. In essence we help develop the skills needed to start a successful new career in Microblading and Permanent Makeup. At Fox, you’ll gain the confidence needed to work with paying clients. Our microblading certification courses will maximize your skills efficiently and proficiently. Our training programs will teach you everything needed to start a successful career in 3D Eyebrow Microblading.

Our State of the Art Facility

Our school has been designed from the ground up as a world class educational institution. We provide comfortable beds and seating for your learning enjoyment. Our studio offers excellent lighting and high end comfort for both students and models. Additionally our studio exceeds state and county health regulations. We’ve thought of everything to help you become the best at Microblading and Permanent Makeup. Still not sure? Schedule a free tour of our facility. You won’t be disappointed.

Microblading Student working on a live model
Model with Microblading stylist post procedure.
Our procedure room exceeds local and state health requirements.
Our advanced curriculum goes beyond industry standards.
One on one microblading instruction.
Small class sizes. Only 4 students per class.

Our Students Love FOX Microblading Academy!

Everybody loves Fox Microblading & PMU Academy. In fact, our students love us so much that we consistently get 5 star reviews from students and models alike.

  • AMAMIZING !!!! I don't know where to start but all I can say is that I am very happy with the chose I made which is choosing Fox Microblading Academy.
    Maritza, such wonderful human being. and a role model I want to cry as I'm writing this...I want to be like Maritza any...
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    Adriana S Avatar
    Adriana S

    What a wonderful academy, the instructor Maritza is truly knowledgeable, professional and amazing human being. The learning experience is of five stars, the academy is very supportive and professional with everything. I highly recommend this academy, and the place is beautiful, neat and clean. A good place to become the best body artist, including microblading eyebrows.

    Bettina Navarro Avatar
    Bettina Navarro

    I highly recommend Fox Academy. Master Maritza is excellent. she truly cares and is so passionate about her teaching and her work ethics are outstanding. You will learn everything you need to know about Microblading. Additionally, The Facility is incredibly clean and everyone is very professional.
    It was the best 3 days of live education...
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    martha Tijerino Avatar
    martha Tijerino

    She is a perfectionist! My eyebrows were sparse and totally uneven when I went in. I hated waking up and feeling like I had no eyebrows. My best friend highly recommended her to me and I’m so glad she did. She treats you like family, makes sure you’re comfortable, and makes sure you’re happy with... read more

    Vanessa Ortega Bartsch Avatar
    Vanessa Ortega Bartsch

    Maritza and her team are amazing! I'm so glad I found Fox Microblading & Pmu Academy, it's the best! Maritza and her team were very professional. My instructor Maritza was very friendly, motivating, patient and cares for her students. She gives you all the information you need to know and is there for you every... read more

    Emily Torres Avatar
    Emily Torres

    If you’re an aspiring Pmu artist looking for an amazing/informative academy stop looking because Fox is it! I have had the best experience in the class and even weeks after that I have completed the course I still have contact with the instructor Maritza Fox and she answers very promptly to any questions I may... read more

    Brianna McCarty Avatar
    Brianna McCarty

    Fox Micorblading & PMU Academy is the best! I was able to learn so much! The instructor and staff were awesome and very professional. The knowledge that the Master Instructor Maritza shared with us is so valuable and the curriculum was very organized and very informative. After completing the training you come out as... read more

    Bernie Ramos Avatar
    Bernie Ramos

    I have had the most amazing experience and I was fortunate enough to attend Fox microblading & permanent make up Academy!
    Maritza is an amazing instructor in the industry. She is very kind & patient and always willing to address my concerns and willing to give me guidance and help with a client at anytime..I learned...
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    Houda LA Avatar
    Houda LA

    This is a great school to learn microblading. Maritza is an amazing teacher. You can tell she really loves to teach. She is so helpful and really wants her students to succeed. You learn so much in her class and I'm so thankful I found this place! I highly recommend to anyone looking to learn... read more

    Kristina Evans Avatar
    Kristina Evans

    5 star ratingI had the pleasure of taking the microblading and PMU 4 day course this January and it was amazing. I learned so much about the microblading process. The Instructor was very patient and helpful during the 4 day course and also when we practice on our live models. I had a great experience and felt... read more

    Auvrell C. Avatar
    Auvrell C.

    I was very impressed with the place... Clean, designated areas put at ease with my eyebrow procedure.! The staff was super helpful and friendly!! They took their time & explained what was to take place.. ,consulting me every step of the way🥰!! Thanks & kudos to my technician, Norma White, Alma & the proprietors, M.... read more

    Mary Shelley Avatar
    Mary Shelley

    I loved the whole experience with Fox
    Microblading Academy! The staff was friendly, professional, clean, knowledgeable, and honest about everything from start to finish. I would recommend them to anyone to get services done or even to learn from their amazing teacher's. I thank you so much for such amazing natural looking eyebrows that make...
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    De vogue Johnson Avatar
    De vogue Johnson
  • I would HIGHLY recommend Fox Microblading to anyone and everyone! A very clean and professional environment. Maritza, is well...just lovely. She is warm, and welcoming, and knows what shes doing! She answered every question, and gave me great follow up care. There is nobody I would trust more to do my brows! Very... read more

    Darcie Beauvil Avatar
    Darcie Beauvil

    Oh my God, so much to say about this wonderful academy, that words fall short., I will only say that moving from New York to California to train with them, was the best decision !!! This academy offers much more than just learning a technique. This school prepares you to be a true PMU... read more

    veramielis medrano Avatar
    veramielis medrano

    I would highly recommend Fox to everyone. I know reviews are likely done when there is a complaint and when good work is done it is forgotten. Which is why I am making this review because this place deserves recognition. Maritza is as talented as she is kind, so is the rest... read more

    Amanda Selway Avatar
    Amanda Selway

    I was fortunate enough to attend Fox
    microblading & permanent make up school a few months ago. It was the best thing I have ever done for my career. Maritza is extremely knowledgeable in permanent make up and passionate teaching others everything she knows. The Fox Academy is extremely clean and her staff is...
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    rebecca Cunanan Avatar
    rebecca Cunanan

    I had a great experience taking the Microblading class. The instructor, Maritza, is so kind and informative. I felt nervous because the course is only four days but I honestly got all the information down and learned so much. Not only was the learning experience great but she offers you so many benefits after the... read more

    melissa padilla Avatar
    melissa padilla

    positive review En mi búsqueda por una buena academia, me encontré con Maritza, la instructora y dueña de Fox microblading y lo único que puedo decir que no solo una instructora es una mentora, y de ella solo aprenderás lo mejor es una biblioteca andante, no te arrepentirás al escoger esta academia... gracias Maritza por todo lo enseñado....

    Monica Virto Avatar
    Monica Virto

    Fox Microblading and PMU Acadamy was amazing!! The teacher/owner Maritza was so knowledgeable and continues to make her experience and knowledge available when ever I have a question or need extra guidance. I highly recommend this school. It’s a small class schedule and very hands on. Starting a new career was not only exciting but... read more

    Amber BohoChicSwim Avatar
    Amber BohoChicSwim

    5 star ratingI was looking so hard to find a good place to get my upper and lower eye liner and I found it. Maritza is very professional, she took her time, she is a perfectionist person, very polite. The place is clean and nice they take care of me very well. I highly recommend them.
    I can't...
    read more

    Yoli L. Avatar
    Yoli L.

    positive review I had a wonderful experience here getting my eyebrows microbladed. The staff is so kind and helpfull. They are all very knowledgable about the procedures and after care. Thry take time to explain each step to male you feel more comfortable. The office and prodecure room are very clean and comfortable. I will deffinitely be... read more

    Jamie Ceasar Avatar
    Jamie Ceasar

    5 star ratingI just had my eyebrows done at Fox Microblading and they look fabulous. Maritza and the staff were professionals from beginning to end. This was my first ever microblading and I was a nervous wreck, but the way they explained the procedure to me, the cleanliness of the space, and patience of the staff... read more

    Patricia C. Avatar
    Patricia C.

    5 star ratingTHUMBS UP to Fox PMU Academy! Maritza "The Eyebrow Master" is very skilled and friendly. She provided very detailed and well-written manual. Introduced provided us necessary tools, forms and other helpful resources, etc. She and Alma patiently answered all our questions. Fox exceeded my expectations. Do your thorough PMU school search but don't skip Fox.... read more

    Razel T. Avatar
    Razel T.

    I just finished my Microblading class it was an amazing experience both of my intrustors were super nice and they were always there to help me out with all my questions I love this school bc they make you feel so welcome and even tho I finished my course I can go back if I... read more

    Giselle Fonseca leyva Avatar
    Giselle Fonseca leyva
  • 5 star ratingFirst of all, I just want to say Maritza is an amazing teacher! She not only teach but also want her student to succeed . She goes above and beyond for her students. She let the students come back and practice until they have enough confidence. Second, the program is longer and the textbook covers... read more

    Jasmine N. Avatar
    Jasmine N.

    positive review En lo personal la mejor, sus clases claras entendibles además siempre atentos a tu persona y a cualquier duda, todo es muy profesional y te hacen sentir como en casa desde el primer día como si ya te conocieran de mucho tiempo atrás, sin duda alguna una muy bonita experiencia y 💯% recomendable no se... read more

    Diana Herrera Avatar
    Diana Herrera

    5 star ratingNot only did I learn how to make perfect eyebrows from exceptional teaching from Maritza; but I became part of the Fox family and so will every student wanting to learn PMU and brows. I recommend this place so highly and love the people who make it what it is! I want to say THANK YOU!!

    Car L. Avatar
    Car L.

    positive review Hola. Quiero compartir lo satisfecha que me siento en aver tomado este curso en esta academia, La instructora Maritza Fox se aseguró de que entendiera todos los conceptos sobre el PMU detalle por detalle y contestaba todas mis preguntas. Estoy muy contenta con mi curso y si estás en busca de una institución... read more

    Arely Montano Alvarez Avatar
    Arely Montano Alvarez

    Maritza was amazing! My eyebrows look beautiful! She really takes her time to make sure you are happy with the shape as well as the color. Her student did an excellent job as a recent graduate making sure she is perfecting her skills. This place is relaxing, comfortable and clean. I would definitely recommend... read more

    Krystin Beban Avatar
    Krystin Beban

    5 star ratingMaritza was amazing! My eyebrows look beautiful! She really takes her time to make sure you are happy with the shape as well as the color. Her student did an excellent job as a recent graduate making sure she is perfecting her skills. This place is relaxing, comfortable and clean. I would definitely recommend... read more

    Krystin B. Avatar
    Krystin B.

    5 star ratingI love this place! I took the microblading course and they were very informative, got a lot of private attention and they answered ALL my questions. Their location is sooo cute and clean!!!!! I look forward to get a station at the Fox Microblading and PMU Academy. I recommend this academy if you are looking... read more

    Alejandra Z. Avatar
    Alejandra Z.

Enjoy Better Training & Benefits at Fox

Our Hybrid Microblading Training program is a 6 day, 3 series training program. Our program begins with online training from home. Once you’ve signed up we’ll give you instant access to our online training program. We’ll also ship you a Microblading Training kit that’s required to complete your online training. Once you’ve completed our online training course you will be ready for 3 days of intensive hands on training. Once you’ve completed our training program you can book additional models at no cost to you for up to 30 days. Once you’ve completed your mentorship you’ll get free access to our studio for 90 days! We give you the opportunity to really sharpen your skills and master the art of Microblading or Permanent Makeup and become successful. Our training program also gives you exclusive discounts to future training courses such as permanent makeup lips, eyeliner and marketing workshops.

Microblading Student working with client during mentorship program.

Guaranteed Small Class Size

You deserve better when it comes to your education. That’s why we guarantee small class sizes to maximize your learning experience. We won’t pack you into a large room filled with students. Enjoy our comfortable, spacious, classroom.  We also feature free refreshments and snacks for all students. We want you to be successful at your new career. And we believe that one-on-one attention is important when receiving a quality education.

Get 0% Financing On Your Microblading Certification Course

We know that it can be hard to save enough money to take our Microblading Certification courses. To qualify, you need to meet the following requirements. You must be over 18 years old, make over $1500 a month, and have no bankruptcies within the last 5 years. Get 0% interest if paid within 14 months on approved credit. Co-signers are welcome. Have a friend or family member with good credit? Bring them along to apply.

Apply In Person

Higher Quality Education is Our Primary Goal

Our goal is to produce graduates who will be successful in practicing the arts of Microblading and Permanent Makeup. Our instructors are proficient at practicing eyebrow microblading, ombré shading, lips, and permanent eyeliner. They have years of industry experience and have perfected their curricula over the years.  Our instructors don’t hold back their knowledge. They will teach you everything that they know because we understand that your success is our success. At Fox Microblading and Permanent Makeup Academy, we focus on quality education.

Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate Included

This certificate is required in order to obtain health department permit. We won’t nickel and dime you with additional fees and certificates. You will be pleased to know that our Microblading Certification course also includes the Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate.

Register Today and Get Instant Access to Our Online Training Program!

Register online for any course date and gain instant access to our online training program! Seating is limited on a first come first served basis! Register today and get your future started!

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