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Microblading Training Orange County

What Makes Us The Best Microblading School In L.A.?

Find out what makes Fox Microblading & PMU Academy the best microblading school in the Greater Los Angeles Area! Our years of experience and over 8 thousand brow procedures has made us develop the very best system for shaping and microblading eyebrows. Our microblading training course will guide you to be the best at crafting the most beautiful and natural results for all of your clients.

Microblading Training in Los Angeles

Total Price: $2199

Start Training Today With $500 Deposit!
Pay balance when you come in for hands on training.

One-on-One Training With Live Models!

Practice with a live model and get one-on-one training with Master Microblading Instructor Maritza Fox! At Fox we know that hands on practice with real people is the most important part of learning Microblading.

3 Days of Interactive Training

Learn The Fundamentals of Microblading from the convenience of your own home. The training is about 3 days worth of study, quizzes and lessons so you can learn at your own pace. Just make sure that you finish your online training before you start your hands on training!

Online Microblading Training
Get more practice eyebrow mapping

3 Days Of Hands On Training

At Fox we’ll spend 3 days at our school in intensive training. You’ll get hands on experience with mixing colors, eyebrow mapping, tray setup, and learning the 3 signature microblading techniques used at our Studio. On your last day you’ll get one-on-one instruction from Master Instructor Maritza Fox while working with your live model!

Get Continuous Private Training with Live Models!

Practice makes perfect! That’s why you can come back and get more microblading practice with additional live models. Simply book an appointment for private training with our master instructors. Are you an existing student? Call us to book an appointment! $300 per additional model. Compare our prices and value to the competition! Nothing can replace the experience gained from one-on-one training with a Master Instructor like Maritza Fox.

How Much Does Microblading & Permanent Makeup Cost in Los Angeles

We Include Nothing But Awesomeness In Our Course!

We’ve taken special to care to provide everything needed to successfully complete this Microblading Training Course. Our mission is to ensure that you get the most out of your training with us so that you can move on to be successful in your new career.

  • 3 Microblading & Machine Shading Techniques
  • 3 Days Intensive Online Training
  • 3 Days Instensive Hands On Training
  • Live Model Training
  • Complete Microblading Certification
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Certification
  • Access to our Post Graduation Program
  • How to pass health department inspections for Licensing and Permits
  • Free Unlimited Course Retakes
  • Continuous education so you’ll become confident!
  • Recruit Unlimited Models and Clients Templates
  • Course for Building Clientelle Guaranteed
  • Course for Getting Clients Guaranteed!
  • Professional Microblading Kit
  • Free Advertising in our Microblading Artist Directory
  • Unlimited Lifetime Support

State of The Art Facility

We’re a real school with a Health Department Approved facility! Beware of courses held at hotels and virtual office spaces that aren’t health department approved. Microblading is a tattoo procedure that requires a health department inspected and approved location that meets or exceeds state and federal regulations. If you’re going to learn, learn the right way!

Fox Microblading Academy Location and Facility
Marketing Course for Microblading Professionals

Build Your Clientele Empire With Our Post Graduation Program!

Valued at $1000, we’re now adding the final ingredient to building your success story. At Fox we go above and beyond, as we not only teach you how to perform permanent makeup, but also how to build your clientele and ultimately your empire! All of our courses include our Clientelle Building System, Branding & Marketing Course, and our exclusive client and model recruiting templates. At Fox Microblading & PMU Academy we strive to make you become a great success!

Value That You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

About Our Post Graduation Program!

Valued at $1000

Get more for your money with our post graduate program. Build your career from start to finsih. Learn more than just microbalding. At Fox we give you the tools nenecessary to become successful in Permanent Makeup.

Practice with unlimited Live Models.

Gain more experience and confidence in a private session with a master instructor. $300 per private session. Compare our prices and value and save while getting the most for your money!

Learn More Than Just Microblading

Enjoy These Post Graduation Benefits

  • Health Department Support
  • Licensing Support
  • Clientele Building Course
  • Branding & Marketing Course
  • Model and Client Recruiting Templates
  • Client Consent Forms
  • Unlimited Course Retakes
  • Studio Supply Checklist

Your Microblading Training Itinerary

Swipe through to see everything that you’ll learn from our Microblading Course.

Days 1-3


Bloodborne Pathogens Certification
Permanent Makeup Fundamentals
Skin, Muscle and Nerve Anatomy
Needle Theory, Color Theory, Pigment Structure, Topical Anesthetics
Eyebrow Mapping
Hair Stroke Pattern
Licensing & Permits
Total of 20 Exclusive Learning Modules!

Day 4

Signature Fox Hairstroke Pattern
Eyebrow Mapping Techniques
Learn Color Correction
How to Prevent Horrendous Mistakes
Mental Preparedness for what you will navigate in this industry.

Day 5

All day hands on training!
Learn more techniques!
Manual Shading Method
Machine Shading Method
New! Pixel Blading Method

Day 6

Get your own private training with a Live Model and Master Instructor Fox!
Get step by step guidance while working with your live model from client reception to final results! In your own private session

Day 7 Bonus

Build Your Empire!

Valued at $500. Building clientele can take years. We take out all the guess work and put you on the fast track to success with our clientele building course. You’ll learn how to build a solid foundation of clients and repeat customers with this essential training course.

Day 8 Bonus

Build Your Brand

Learn how to build a brand like a professional Ad Agency! Valued at $500 this marketing course will teach you how to build a 5 star website, how to book appointments online, get ranked on Google Search, and how to get clients from Social Media!

Our Students Love Fox!

Finally a Microblading Training Program that gives you everything needed to be confident and successful in the Permanent Makeup Industry!

Amber Nichole Miller On Fox Microblading Academy!

Course Schedule & Pricing


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be confident to start my PMU Business after taking your course?

Yes! Yes you will! We provide everything needed so that you will gain confidence in working with clients and starting your new business, all the way down to getting you new clients. At Fox you’ll gain access to refresher courses, free course retakes, access to additional live models, advertising materials, business courses, and licensing and permit instructions. We even include a Professional Microblading Kit so that you will be ready to start working with new clients right away! 

Is Financing Available?

Yes! Simply send us a private message or contact us and request a credit application. Give us your name, phone number and email address and we’ll send you a credit application via text message. Get approved in minutes.

Do I need good credit to quality for financing?

You will need a credit score of 650 or higher to get approved for financing.

Will I need more training after I take your class?

At Fox, we got you covered! In addition to our excellent training program you will also receive lot’s of post graduation training that will improve your confidence, get you licensed by the Health Department, and master the Craft of Permanent Makeup!

Our post graduation program includes:

  • Free Retake
  • Continous learning courses
  • More training with live models (Fees Apply)
  • Model & New Client Recruiting Templates
  • Website, Search, & Social Media Marketing Courses
  • Lifetime Support
Can I reschedule my course dates?

Yes you can. Simply contact us to move your class date.

Can I start training today?

Yes you can! Simply regster online and make a deposit to get started.

Sí tu puedes. Simplemente regístrese y pague el monto del depósito y obtendrá acceso a nuestra certificación de patógenos transmitidos por la sangre y nuestro curso en línea de fundamentos de maquillaje permanente. La capacitación en línea es de aproximadamente tres días de capacitación.

Can I get a discount?

At Fox we provide low prices and exceptional value to our courses when compared to leading Microblading Schools. Nowhere else will you find more value for your money than at Fox Microblading & PMU Academy. With that said, we do occasionally run sale prices on our Product Registration Pages.