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About Microblading

Eyebrow microblading is the latest semi permanent trend that’s taking the beauty industry by storm. This special course is perfect for people who wish to learn the lucrative art of Eyebrow Microblading.

Get certified in your spare time with our Flexible Schedule Microblading Certification Program. This special course is designed for people with jobs and busy schedules. Become confident at practicing eyebrow microblading on paying clients with our proven learning system. Our Microblading class is packed with hands on lessons with a focus on color theory, eyebrow shaping, and hair stroke mastery. Learn everything needed to become successful in your new career including marketing and health regulations.

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Our success is based on your success. We want you to succeed. That’s why we’ve developed the best and most effective learning program in the permanent makeup industry. We won’t bore you with days of book reading then one day of hands on training. And we won’t rush you through the learning process so fast that you won’t be able to retain your learned knowledge. At Fox Microblading and Permanent Makeup Academy, we pride our selves on providing the highest quality education in the permanent makeup industry.

5 Star Reviews on Yelp and Google!

What's Included?

Our microblading certification courses offer the highest quality products in the permanent makeup industry.

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate
  • Microblading Stylist Certification
  • Practice on live models
  • Practice on additional models through our apprenticeship program
  • Deluxe Microblading Kit (Basic Kit included for discounted or sale courses) Call to upgrade kit.
  • Premium Pigments
  • Supplies for up to 20 clients
  • Stylish carry case
  • Eyebrow measurement tool
  • Practice skins
  • Premium assortment of microblades
  • Class Uniform

Course Outline

Microblading 101
  1. Presenting your Deluxe Professional Working Kit
  2. Brief history about Body Art and its branches
  3. What is Microblading
  4. Who needs the service of Microblading
  5. Who are and who are not good candidates for this procedure
  6. How certain skin conditions and medications affect the procedure
Brow Dynamics
  1. Introduction to the face and skin Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Introduction to the Fitzpatrick Scale and understanding the undertones of the skin
  3. Understanding the different brows shapes according to the face shapes.
  4. Introduction to the Eyebrow Structure and Hair Strokes patterns
  5. Advanced Color Theory
Tools and Materials
  1. Introduction to the different manual tools and powered devices for Microblading
  2. Introduction to the different sizes and shapes of “blades”
  3. Introduction to the world of pigments. Understanding Organic vs Inorganic
  4. Introduction to the Topical Anesthetics used in Microblading
Eyebrow Mapping and Hands on Practice
  1. Mapping the brows
  2. Introduction to the PPE, FPE, Set Up of our work tray and Tear Down
  3. Practice on synthetic skin
Aftercare & Consultation
  1. The Consultation The 4 Main Factors that will lead to a great result
  2. The After Care
  3. The Touch Up Session
  4. Basic Color Theory
  5. Introduction to the Legal Forms
  6. Practice, Practice, Practice
Learn Marketing
  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing and Sales
  2. Practice on live models
  3. Graduation

Student Reviews

5 star ratingMaritza and Bilge did my eyebrows together because I went in as a model (I had my eyebrows done prior by someone else). There was nothing about the experience that was negative at all. Maritza and her staff are very professional and warm. I felt completely comfortable the entire time. Maritza talked me through the entire procedure. From how clear and concise she was, I knew she was a complete expert! She also provided complete after care instructions, which was greatly helpful. I jokingly asked her if, while they we were at it, if they could go ahead and give me a boob job too.  We all laughed. But, the comfort and care that they took care of me with, could not have been better. So professional, but made me completely comfortable. It was a little cool in their office so they even provided me with a nice, snuggly blanket. I highly recommend Fox Microblading for anything you need or want to have done. I cannot say enough good things about my experience! Thank you Maritza and Bilge, so much for making me so comfortable and for taking such great care of everything for me! Im REALLLLLLLY happy with my eyebrows. They gave me great hugs when I left too. She's awesome! So go see her!

Melinda S. Avatar
Melinda S.

5 star ratingI don't know where to start... Maritza is an excellent and a very genuine teacher. She has a lot of experience and talent and she is not AFRAID of sharing it with her students. I searched for schools online before meeting Maritza and she was the first one I met but she and I clicked right away so I didn't even want to shop around. I started my program right away and today I'm certified!!! Thanks Maritza and team!!!

Bilge D. Avatar
Bilge D.

5 star ratingI had an excellent experience at Fox Microblading & PMU Academy. I was trained in Microblading, Lips, Eyeliner and Skin Needling. I am very satisfied with all the great methods and extensive knowledge I received during my training.

Maritza Fox, the instructor, is a genuine, smart and supportive person. She was very detailed when providing training in safety protocol, marketing, legal issues and off course in every aspect of Microblading, PMU, and Skin Needling. Maritza was also  great in responding to any and all my concerns and questions. Maritza also provided extended time to make sure, I fully understood each subject. During practice sessions with live models, Maritza was patient and always made sure students followed and understood the importance of personal protective equipment and its use for both, the client and the student. Following all safety protocol is crucial for both the health of each client as well as each student. Her persistence in making sure each student follows all safety and health rules increased my trust towards her as an instructor and as a person.

I highly recommend Fox Microblading and PMU Academy. The facility is very clean and provides a great learning environment. The staff are very pleasant and professional. Maritza Fox is a great instructor who truly cares for her students.

Maritza has continued to encouraged me to give my best without being intimidating. She has a lot of patience and a genuine interest in seeing her students succeed in this industry. Her ongoing support is very valuable to me and is highly appreciated it.

Thanks Maritza for your great guidance and teachings!

Mirna Miller

Mirna M. Avatar
Mirna M.

5 star ratingI love this place! I took the microblading course and they were very informative, got a lot of private attention and they answered ALL my questions. Their location is sooo cute and clean!!!!! I look forward to get a station at the Fox Microblading and PMU Academy. I recommend this academy if you are looking to expande your knowledge or learn something new 🙂

Alejandra Z. Avatar
Alejandra Z.

5 star ratingI began researching schools that would help me excel in the world of permanent makeup which I find to be very passionate about because it is a technique and skill to help others feel completely beautiful about themselves. I want to help change lives of many and help them look and feel their absolute best. After countless hours of this search I came across Fox Microblading and PMU Academy where Maritza and the other staff have been nothing but welcoming and helpful to me on my journey. The abundance of knowledge and the level support is nothing short of amazing. You can tell that her heart is about making each one of her students successful.
Maritza's experience as an instructor has led her to be successful in opening her very own school and I am grateful for that. She has taught me not only technique but everything from the Legal side to the customer service side of this industry. She is not about making a quick buck for someone to pay for school she really wants you to become the best you can be. When you are done with school do not think that she will be done with you the academy offers continued support.

Of the highest of highs, I recommend Fox Microblading Academy and PMU.

Jay A. Avatar
Jay A.

5 star ratingI had an AMAZING experience with Maritza here at Fox Microblading.
First off, she is so sweet and personal and talks you through every step of the way. She is a true gem
The rest of the staff are also incredible and made me feel comfortable and flattered the whole time.
My skin is smoother and glowing because of Maritza. I can't say enough great things!
Fox Microblading feels like home.

Love you!! See you next for my next treatment!! Let's Look youthful Organically!

Dustin B. Avatar
Dustin B.

5 star ratingThis is my story. It's NOT just a review but a story that I will continue to tell. I am a licensed and certified microblading artist. I came to Maritza with so many questions. Even though I was already in the business I feel like there's so much more I can learn. I was debating whether I should spend the money and time to go to another school or not. Since Maritza offers an advance class I decided sign up for it.

1st and foremost, KNOW what school you're going for. Many schools are really just out for your money. You're there for a few days, in & out with very little knowledge. This is the truth, some will struggle mapping & drawing. Some will struggle with color theory. Many will struggle with marketing. This academy will cover every ounce of it. There is not one thing that will be left out. Some schools are misleading but this academy is pretty straight forward. You're not only here to learn but you will develop a relationship with Maritza too. She makes you feel comfortable, confident, she makes you feel IMPORTANT. I've never been so excited to get up every morning to come to class. I love coming back. The class is intimate so you get a lot of one on one time with Maritza. You learn several techniques, multiple ways to map brows, pigments, color theory, marketing, information on everything!!!

Now, I want to take a moment to mention about the other staff here especially her husband. I had so many questions about the business side of this. He listened to me and inform me in any way he could. Both Maritza and her husband are very knowledgeable about everything. Anyone can tell they're both genuine who truly cares about your future. They will support you even after you're finished with the courses. Trust me I know because I'm STILL HERE, soaking everything I can. Whenever I have questions I come in and I will get the help I need. I had an issue and they both have helped me get back on my feet and back in business. I'm a mother of 5. I don't have the time nor the money to invest aimlessly. This academy is WORTH IT. I'm forever thankful for their help. Now I'm looking forward to finishing all the other courses that I'm taking. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this school. I can go on and on but if anyone have any questions, I'm your go to girl! Thank you Maritza, you are truly amazing.

Rady P. Avatar
Rady P.

5 star ratingMaritza is by far the best instructor out there for Microblading and permanent makeup. She is very knowledgeable at what she does, very supportive and the sweetest person ever. There is not one question that she can't or don't have the answer to. What I love about Maritza is that her goal is to help others to be successful! You don't see that often I can tell you that from my experience. I came from another school and am not happy at all. I did not learn anything from that school but not with Fox Microblading & PMU Acadenmy. Thank you so much for your love and care Maritza!

I highly recommend Fox Microblading & PMU Academy, you will not regret it! Just contact Maritza.

Kelly V. Avatar
Kelly V.