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Watch testimony from reality T.V. star and MMA mom Amber Nichole Miller. Amber explains her experience learning Microblading, her thoughts on working with master instructor, Maritza Fox.

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Highly recommend! School is beautiful, Maritza is beyond amazing. Everything you need to be successful is right here.

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5 star ratingI took the microblading class at Fox Microblading & PMU Academy, it was really Beyond professional my instructor Maritza Fox gives you all the information you want and all her experience. Fox Microblading & PMU Academy not leaving you everything but they always care about you, not like others I have experience before! But here they never ignore you, you can call/text them anytime they make sure to get back to you ASAP!! And helps you with everything from A-Z I really enjoy the 4 days class even it's pandemic, they was really curious and clean! I will definitely come back for more classes and I hi recommending them.

R W. Avatar
R W.

5 star ratingI will just give ourselves a 5 starts because without any false modesty and with total confidence I will state that our Academy is among the very best in the Country.I will be honest about the ONLY 3 bad reviews by saying that they all are half true and half is just exaggeration and false statements.I did hanged up the phone on a person because she was giving me a attitude, she was demanding and rude so I finished the conversation with "Thanks for calling have a good day" and hanged up. This woman has never been my student.Please be aware, this system is hiding our positive and legitimate reviews. We have a file from every single student that wrote an honest review about us to proof that these are legitimate. One of the "bad" reviews is from a person that was writing hers for the second time in 3 years, so I don't even understand why it stuck.Maybe the reason is because ye l p contacted us countless of times to try to engage us in a contract of six months for a $1k each month? When we refused to accept their offer was when our positive reviews that had been in our page for over a year started disappearing at a fast rate. As many as 6-7 reviews were put in the hidden folder below. Just trying to be completely transparent about this.3 bad ones in my entire career. I work very hard and will continue working even harder to gain and deserve more and more honest positive reviews.

Maritza F. Avatar
Maritza F.

5 star ratingAMAZING SCHOOL! AMAZING BROWS!!! So so so happy. The owner and her family and staff are outstanding! GORGEOUS studio if I could give more than 5 starts I would!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT FOR CLASSES AND BROWS! Thank you so much for everything it was a fun experience and I feel great second time going for brows if you are a model or a customer you will have a wonderful time so relaxing. I literally love the look and vibe. My f

Kendall E. Avatar
Kendall E.

5 star ratingI'm so glad I picked this school ! Martiza is awesome ! , she helps you every step of the way and AFTER your finished . Any questions you have ' she is answers . She also includes so so much in her packages . That no other school provides what they do . I'm so blessed and thankful I came this far because of her ! I know if I went to another school I would not be this motivated or educated so quickly.

Alyssa M. Avatar
Alyssa M.

5 star ratingI had the pleasure of taking the microblading and PMU 4 day course this January and it was amazing. I learned so much about the microblading process. The Instructor was very patient and helpful during the 4 day course and also when we practice on our live models. I had a great experience and felt like i got my money's worth.

Auvrell C. Avatar
Auvrell C.

5 star ratingWonderful experience with Maritza. Highly recommend her. Very sanitary and professional.

Cely L. Avatar
Cely L.

5 star ratingMy mother and I came to get our eyebrows done and they came out amazing. We were both so self conscious about our brows but we absolutely love them now!

Mary T. Avatar
Mary T.

5 star ratingI was looking so hard to find a good place to get my upper and lower eye liner and I found it. Maritza is very professional, she took her time, she is a perfectionist person, very polite. The place is clean and nice they take care of me very well. I highly recommend them.
I can't wait to get my lips done!
Thank you Maritza.

Yoli L

Yoli L. Avatar
Yoli L.

5 star ratingThis school is amazing and informative. The owner/Teacher is helpful, enthusiastic, kind, and so knowledgeable!! If you want to learn a new career and you are considering Microblading and PMU look no further!!

Amber M. Avatar
Amber M.

5 star ratingI just had my eyebrows done at Fox Microblading and they look fabulous. Maritza and the staff were professionals from beginning to end. This was my first ever microblading and I was a nervous wreck, but the way they explained the procedure to me, the cleanliness of the space, and patience of the staff made me feel at ease and relaxed. I'm glad I had it done. You would too.

Patricia C. Avatar
Patricia C.

5 star ratingJust finished a microblading eyebrow session as a model and it was a great experience! You'd think they will half ass everything since I was a model, which means it was free. But nope, they were ALL sooo nice and kind!

She asked my concern about my eyebrows and I let her do her magic! She had 2 students with her who was very eager to learn. She even let one of them microblade my eyebrows for a while too.

I'll be coming back for my touch up in May! And possibly even micro needling for my acne scars!

Thuy T. Avatar
Thuy T.

5 star ratingTHUMBS UP to Fox PMU Academy! Maritza "The Eyebrow Master" is very skilled and friendly. She provided very detailed and well-written manual. Introduced provided us necessary tools, forms and other helpful resources, etc. She and Alma patiently answered all our questions. Fox exceeded my expectations. Do your thorough PMU school search but don't skip Fox. They also provide continued support after being certified. That's great! Thank you Fox Academy and all staff members!

Razel T. Avatar
Razel T.

5 star ratingWarm, friendly environment Maritza was very elaborate on her teachings. She made sure that we understand what she taught us (do's and don'ts) in microblading procedures. She is skilled and an amazing instructor as well as Alma. Thank you to Fox Academy and all the staff!

Sunshine T. Avatar
Sunshine T.

5 star ratingMy artist and her teacher worked on my brows. They were professional and took their time with my procedure. I'm very happy with my result. I will be back here again. Thank you.

Josette T. Avatar
Josette T.

5 star ratingI took the microblading class here at Fox and am glad that I did. Maritza is a great and kind teacher. Her small class size allows her to give you a lot of attention and that was something I was looking for. I have no previous experience in microblading but Maritza is very encouraging and made sure to let me know that she was there to always be of help. Even though I finished her class 2 months ago, I still drop by to sit and practice in the cozy classroom. Maritza makes me feel welcomed when I do and still gives me attention even though she is conducting a class. I definitely recommend Fox Microblading & PMU Academy.

Jen H. Avatar
Jen H.

5 star ratingFirst of all, I just want to say Maritza is an amazing teacher! She not only teach but also want her student to succeed . She goes above and beyond for her students. She let the students come back and practice until they have enough confidence. Second, the program is longer and the textbook covers everything we need to know about microblading. I would highly recommend for anyone who want a good start in the industry.

Jasmine N. Avatar
Jasmine N.

5 star ratingA Great Microblading Academy, I Highly Recommend .Feels Like Home Here And You Learn A lot Of New Materials.
Thank You For The Great Exsperience !

Mona P. Avatar
Mona P.

5 star ratingI just finished the Microblading course at Fox today and I am so happy that I picked this school. Maritza is extremely knowledgeable and invested in her students. I am very pleased with my over all experience and I would recommend the school and any service done there.

Tina S. Avatar
Tina S.

5 star ratingLove love love if you want great Eyebrows go see Fox Microblading.
They did such a great Job on my Eyebrows. Everyone is Super nice and a great staff you feel like family. I will be back

Sue F. Avatar
Sue F.

5 star ratingI got my eyebrows microbladed here. To start of I would love to say that maritza was very sweet and made me feel safe. I am someone who gets nervous easily and at one point I needed a break. Maritza and student were very accommodating to my needs. I was explained the process very thoroughly and was impressed with the way the team went above and beyond with cleanliness. I felt comfortable and love my eyebrows. It is only day 2 but and I was given all the aftercare instructions and materials needed. They were very conservative with my brows as I was indecisive of my final shape. I am going to take the time from now and the touch up to decide if I want them thicker or shaded. I am happy that I was not pressured to change my eyebrows. They look just like my natural ones, just more defined and of course darker. The brows will lighten after the healing process and I'm so exited to see them. I thought it was going to hurt but it was very little to no pain.
Thank you very much Fox microblading

Linda A. Avatar
Linda A.

5 star ratingThank you for the good job you are doing great I love the school and Thank you for your great work

Mrs.Laura A. Avatar
Mrs.Laura A.

5 star ratingMaritza is amazing! She really cares about her students and cares that they know as much information as possible. I took her 6 day class and I am glad that I did because I got one on one interaction with her that gave me the extra experience that I needed. I like that you are able to go back and practice whenever you want. Maritza is extremely helpful, she'll answer all questions you'll have. I loved taking her class.

Stephanie O. Avatar
Stephanie O.

5 star ratingI received my first round or training with another reputable company but soon realize, it just wasn't enough! Three days, eleven students and one instructor, no matter how skilled, was just not enough time. Especially for an individual with zero PMU experiences. We were cut loose and expected to perform five sets of brows within a few months, entirely on our own to receive our certification. The more I delved into the service, the more I realize I didn't know.
I began to research pretty intensively and decided advance training would be the most responsible next course of action. In enters Fox Microblading and PMU Academy. From the moment I met Maritza I new this was the location for my needs. Not only is the academy lovely, it is expertly equipped, however its most valuable asset is Maritza herself. She is both a wealth of experience and knowledge. Highly skilled, generous with her time, patient and understanding. She not only prepares you to competently perform the procedure but also how to equip your space. I highly recommend Fox Microblading and PMU academy to anyone interested in learning all forms of permenant makeup, removal as well as skin needling. Last but not least and most importantly, the continued support, even after one receives their certificate is absolutely priceless!
Thank you again, Maritza!

Juliette S. Avatar
Juliette S.

5 star ratingI came here for a microblading course. I'm extremely happy with my experience. It's a family owned business but they are very professional. Super nice and clean. During my course, I was walked through everything from blood borne pathogen certification, microblading, tips & tricks, business to city permits. I absolutely adore the instructor I had, Maritza Fox. She's been in the industry for quite some time and she knows what she's talking about. After graduating, I still come back to practice and she is still attentive to me like as if I'm still her student. If you're looking to get your certification, this is the place.

Vina T. Avatar
Vina T.

5 star ratingNot only did I learn how to make perfect eyebrows from exceptional teaching from Maritza; but I became part of the Fox family and so will every student wanting to learn PMU and brows. I recommend this place so highly and love the people who make it what it is! I want to say THANK YOU!!

Car L. Avatar
Car L.

5 star ratingI have so many beautiful things to describe my experience with Maritza Fox (the owner/instructor). She is not only my instructor, but she is my mentor and friend.
I met her over a year ago at another academy where she teaches. Will I do not mention their name here? Let say, the training I received a year ago at that place did not give me the broad knowledge of the Microblading industry, technique, and theories. Maritza was under contractual obligation with the previous school to provide the least basic of Microblading training. So I can testify that I along with my classmates felt cheated and ripped off. When I discovered Maritza open her school, I had to take her course. I'm surprised as for how much I've learned from Maritza. Her materials and tests are harder than the previous academy, because of that, I'm getting 80% more information with Fox Acadamy than the former school. Maritza runs her school professionally, and I can't rave enough about Fox Acadamy and Maritza. I love her. Her daughter and husband help run the studio as well, and they are both very accommodating, kind and generous. I recommend this school to anyone wanting to go into the microblading business world to invest your money and time with Fox PMU Acadamy. You will not regret it! I still come back to the school to hang out and practice. It's like my second home.

Lan N. Avatar
Lan N.

5 star ratingI really liked Maritza. She did a great job on my eyebrows. I highly recommend her service to anyone. They turned out great!

Becky C. Avatar
Becky C.

5 star ratingI am totally happy with my results. Alma did a superb job. Thank you! Mmmuah!

Shanesse A. Avatar
Shanesse A.

5 star ratingOmg!! I am thrilled and beyond amazed by how AMAZING my brows look after getting micro bladed by MARINA. i work and do hair at salon ambiance right next store and when this place opened up i was excited! I got my brows microbladed about 5 years ago and they have faded sooooo Much. So it was time for new brows. I scheduled an appointment with MARINA and wow, i am totally pleased and sp happy! It only took about 2 hours total and she made me feel comfortable and not anxious i even fell asleep! I will definitely reccomend anyone who is looking to get permanent makeup to come to fox microblading. Ask for marina or miss foxy herself 😉 without these 2 girls; i wouodnt feel as amazing as i do right now! So much happier and now i dont have to feel so insecure about my brows when i wake up in the morning.
THANK YOU MARITZA AND MARINA FOR MAKING ME FEEL JUST ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS. i have my confidence back and just in time for my 30th birthday. 🙂

Erin S. Avatar
Erin S.

5 star ratingI don't know where to start but all I can say is that I am very happy and satisfied with the chose I made which is choosing Fox Microblading Academy. It took me a couple months to choose the right training, there was so many academy that stood out because of their marketing strategy, some were cheesy by the way, and some trainers had beautiful talented techniques, then I realized how some of the big school, just to name a couple, Phibrows and World Microblading, were pricey for only a 1-3 days training. How could anyone, especially has no knowledge and is new to Microblading, can really learn and grasp with such a short amount of training time.

So then I was lucky enough that a friend for of mine referred me to Fox Microblading and that's where I met my master trainer, Maritza, such an amazing wonderful being. Her beginners'
5-days course is super reasonable price and Maritza herself was so informative and attentive to her students. She really took the time and made sure we learn and master all the fundamentals. And the great thing is that the school offers a retake course for free if you need to refresh and also continuous support.

I realized that you need the proper fundamental training before you can really master any skilled talented technique that you see out there, unless you were a natural born artist, and it's all about hands on an practice after that to perfect your skills. I can't stress enough how I'm happy with then decision I made with choosing this academy.

Mai N. Avatar
Mai N.

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Our students love us and so will you!

Maritza was amazing! My eyebrows look beautiful! She really takes her time to make sure you are happy with the shape as well as the color. Her student did an excellent job as a recent graduate making sure she is perfecting her skills. This place is relaxing, comfortable and clean. I would definitely recommend it to friends.

Krystin Beban Avatar
Krystin Beban

I don’t know where to start... Maritza is an excellent and a very genuine teacher. She has a lot of experience and talent and she is not AFRAID of sharing it with her students. I searched for schools online before meeting Maritza and she was the first one I met but she and I clicked right away so I didn’t even want to shop around. I started my program right away and today I’m certified!!! Thanks Maritza and team!!!

Bilge Demirbas Avatar
Bilge Demirbas

LOVE Fox Microblading and PMU Academy! I have had my eyebrows, eyeliner and Needling done twice on my face and neck.

Ms. Fox, Owner has done the work and she is an absolute expert, explained every step, insisted on my comfort level be maintained plus she provides a very sterile environment.

Ms. Fox follows a strict protocol to ensure absolute safety and clean environment preventing injury and infection.

I highly recommend having work done here and you will be more than satisfied!

Laura Peters Avatar
Laura Peters

Maritza is by far the best instructor out there for Microblading and permanent makeup. She is very knowledgeable at what she does, very supportive and the sweetest person ever. There is not one question that she can't or don't have the answer to. What I love about Maritza is that her goal is to help others to be successful! You don't see that often I can tell you that from my experience. I came from another school and am not happy at all. I did not learn anything from that school but not with Fox Microblading & PMU Acadenmy. Thank you so much for your love and care Maritza!

I highly recommend Fox Microblading & PMU Academy, you will not regret it! Just contact Maritza.

Kelly Villegas Avatar
Kelly Villegas

I am so very pleased with the outcome. I Love my eyebrows (microblading). The space was very clean and the music relaxing.

I would recommend my friends to come here.

Maritza you get 5 Stars. Thank you for a job well done.

Sandra Doyle-Gilchrist Avatar
Sandra Doyle-Gilchrist

I began researching schools that would help me excel in the world of permanent makeup which I find to be very passionate about because it is a technique and skill to help others feel completely beautiful about themselves. I want to help change lives of many and help them look and feel their absolute best. After countless hours of this search I came across Fox Microblading and PMU Academy where Maritza and the other staff have been nothing but welcoming and helpful to me on my journey. The abundance of knowledge and the level support is nothing short of amazing. You can tell that her heart is about making each one of her students successful.
Maritza’s experience as an instructor has led her to be successful in opening her very own school and I am grateful for that. She has taught me not only technique but everything from the Legal side to the customer service side of this industry. She is not about making a quick buck for someone to pay for school she really wants you to become the best you can be. When you are done with school do not think that she will be done with you the academy offers continued support.

Of the highest of highs, I recommend Fox Microblading Academy and PMU.

Jaime Anthony Avatar
Jaime Anthony

Maritza and her team are amazing! I'm so glad I found Fox Microblading & Pmu Academy, it's the best! Maritza and her team were very professional. My instructor Maritza was very friendly, motivating, patient and cares for her students. She gives you all the information you need to know and is there for you every step of the way. I had a great experience here! Thank you so much Maritza for all your help! 😊

Emily Torres Avatar
Emily Torres

Clean facility, awesome decor, friendly professional staff, motivating encouraging instructor and staff. Maritza and her family are amazing! 👏 Such an awesome experience. She is so patient. Watching her do brows is so therapeutic her hand flows so beautifully!! Can't wait to take the lip and eyeliner course! Pricing is so affordable and worth every penny. If you are looking into microblading Fox is so worth it!! Thank you Maritza you are a huge part in my journey to come!!

irene soto Avatar
irene soto

I took the microblading class at Fox Microblading & PMU Academy, it was really Beyond professional my instructor Maritza Fox gives you all the information you want and all her experience.
Fox Microblading & PMU Academy not leaving you everything but they always care about you, not like others I have experience before! But here they never ignore you, you can call/text them anytime they make sure to get back to you ASAP!!
And helps you with everything from A-Z I really enjoy the 4 days class even it’s pandemic, they was really curious and clean!

I will definitely come back for more classes and I hi recommending them.

Remonda Wahba Avatar
Remonda Wahba

If you’re an aspiring Pmu artist looking for an amazing/informative academy stop looking because Fox is it! I have had the best experience in the class and even weeks after that I have completed the course I still have contact with the instructor Maritza Fox and she answers very promptly to any questions I may have. I 10/10 recommend this academy if you’re looking for one on one training. The Fox’s won’t disappoint!

Brianna McCarty Avatar
Brianna McCarty

Fox Micorblading & PMU Academy is the best! I was able to learn so much! The instructor and staff were awesome and very professional. The knowledge that the Master Instructor Maritza shared with us is so valuable and the curriculum was very organized and very informative. After completing the training you come out as a professional and ready to open up your own establishment .

Bernie Ramos Avatar
Bernie Ramos

The microblading class was amazing. From the start of registration, Alan was very helpful and professional. I called several training facilities, which were rude and acted like I was wasting their time by asking questions, not Alan. Every question I asked was answered and he said if you have any others questions please let us know.

Maritza the instructor was absolutely amazing. She was very patient, informative, professional, and her demeanor was so inviting, it literally made me so comfortable and interested in her training. Maritza is one person and with several students in the class you never feel you did not get enough of her time. Not only does she give plenty of her time in training, she also stated if we have any questions after the training class we can contact her and she will assist us.

Being trained by Maritza will set you up to do amazing eyebrows. She is very well known in the industry, from brows, lips and corrections. Her training facility is extremely clean and her assistants are nice and helpful.

Thank you again Maritza........


Antionette Molano Avatar
Antionette Molano

I am truly happy I made the right choice going to Fox Microblading & PMU Academy. Maritza is an amazing teacher! She took the time to teach us and answered all our questions. She has such a positive enery that I love. I highly recommend this Academy.

miriam arteaga Avatar
miriam arteaga

I am so glad to have found Fox Microblading & PMU Academy! Maritza does amazing work. My eyebrows look so good and I have received so many compliments! Maritza really listens and cares about her clients. I was extremely impressed by the cleanliness. Thank you Maritza!

Salley Bartlett Avatar
Salley Bartlett

Maritza and her team are amazing. They give you their full on attention the second you walk in the door. You don't ever get the feeling of not being able to catch up with fellow classmates since every student gets the same one on one attention fully focusing on what you need the most help with. I'll be forever grateful to have came across such wonderful people that clearly make their students success their number one priority.

Marcella Ramirez Avatar
Marcella Ramirez

I have had the most amazing experience and I was fortunate enough to attend Fox microblading & permanent make up Academy!
Maritza is an amazing instructor in the industry. She is very kind & patient and always willing to address my concerns and willing to give me guidance and help with a client at anytime..I learned a lot from her & can’t thank her enough!
I highly recommend Fox Microblading and PMU academy,you will never regret it!!

Houda LA Avatar
Houda LA

This is a great school to learn microblading. Maritza is an amazing teacher. You can tell she really loves to teach. She is so helpful and really wants her students to succeed. You learn so much in her class and I'm so thankful I found this place! I highly recommend to anyone looking to learn microblading or for anyone who wants to come in as a model.

Kristina Evans Avatar
Kristina Evans

I’m so glad I picked this school ! Martiza is awesome ! , she helps you every step of the way and AFTER your finished With your course . Any questions you have ‘ she has the answers . She also includes so so much in her packages !! No other school provides what they do . I’m so blessed and thankful I came this far because of her ! I know if I went to another school I would not be this motivated or educated so quickly! Definitely will be referring my friends to this school .

Alyssa Moore Avatar
Alyssa Moore

Maritza was so amazing. She was so detailed in her teaching and instructions which is so important for me. She was so caring and made us feel like she cares which I know she does she has a big heart and and is extremely knowledgeable and talented. Can’t wait for the next class!

Rachel Estrada Avatar
Rachel Estrada

My mom and I came in for our eyebrows and I gotta say it was the best experience ever. We did not know what to expect but everybody was very nice and helpful. Thank you Maritza for taking care of my mom. I'm really bad with names so I do not remember the name of the instructor who was taking care of me, but thank you thank you. I'm definitely coming back, and also thank you to Alan and the girl at the front you really make everybody feel welcome. I recommend this place you won't regret it.

Cindy Islas Avatar
Cindy Islas

Fox Microblading academy taught me gave me everything they promised and more! Maritza is an amazing instructor who equips you with all the tools you need to succeed! She goes above and beyond to guide and support you into becoming the best PMU artist possible. The small class size and detailed instruction make for an amazing learning environment. I’d recommend her course to anyone looking to develop the skill and knowledge of the PMU industry needed to be a well rounded professional. Thank you so much to everyone at Fox for empowering students like me to grow in this industry.

malia judie Avatar
malia judie

I was very impressed with the place... Clean, designated areas put at ease with my eyebrow procedure.! The staff was super helpful and friendly!! They took their time & explained what was to take place.. ,consulting me every step of the way🥰!! Thanks & kudos to my technician, Norma White, Alma & the proprietors, M. Fox & Co!!!# highly professional & skillful!!!!!

Mary Shelley Avatar
Mary Shelley

I loved the whole experience with Fox
Microblading Academy! The staff was friendly, professional, clean, knowledgeable, and honest about everything from start to finish. I would recommend them to anyone to get services done or even to learn from their amazing teacher's. I thank you so much for such amazing natural looking eyebrows that make me feel and look wonderful!

De vogue Johnson Avatar
De vogue Johnson

I would HIGHLY recommend Fox Microblading to anyone and everyone! A very clean and professional environment. Maritza, is well...just lovely. She is warm, and welcoming, and knows what shes doing! She answered every question, and gave me great follow up care. There is nobody I would trust more to do my brows! Very happy with my results!

Darcie Beauvil Avatar
Darcie Beauvil

Oh my God, so much to say about this wonderful academy, that words fall short., I will only say that moving from New York to California to train with them, was the best decision !!! This academy offers much more than just learning a technique. This school prepares you to be a true PMU art professional. I loved my instructor Maritza Fox and all her professional and friendly staff. I recommend it 100%.

veramielis medrano Avatar
veramielis medrano

Very well deserved 5 star rating for this academy. Super clean and presentable ambiance. Maritza is the sweetest instructor ever. She wants to see you succeed so she pours her knowledge on her students with patience and love. Alan was very informative regarding enrollment. Thank you Valeria for being super sweet and helpful to everyone. Walked in one day and in less than one week I started the program. Thank you Fox Academy for your guidance and diligent efforts in preparing your students for the ever growing world of Microblading. Love always, Lauren.

Moira Jones Avatar
Moira Jones

I really enjoyed my service performed by Rachel. Great sense of humor and very tentative learner. She listened to all of my request and really took pride in her work. From Jasimine

FnSympi Avatar

I would highly recommend Fox to everyone. I know reviews are likely done when there is a complaint and when good work is done it is forgotten. Which is why I am making this review because this place deserves recognition. Maritza is as talented as she is kind, so is the rest of the staff.

Amanda Selway Avatar
Amanda Selway

Came here as an eyebrow model, came back for a touch up. I loved my eyebrows, Maritza is patient and takes her time.

I can't recommend this place enough. Thanks for the confidence boost!

Zayra Noriega Avatar
Zayra Noriega

I recently attended Fox Microblading Academy and received both my Microblading/PMU and Microchanneling with camouflage certifications. Maritza, the instructor was a phenomenal teacher and really put her whole heart into teaching the material and making sure I understood all the fundamentals of the trade. She not only showed me all of her amazing transformations, but her mistakes from when she first started out and how she fixed them so that I could learn from them. She taught me how to choose the right pigments (color), determine eyebrow shapes, and execute the task on clients, as well as county health standards & regulations. I could not have been more satisfied with my learning experience at FOX and highly recommend this academy to anyone interested in the microblading or PMU industry!

Jordan Beauvil Avatar
Jordan Beauvil

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